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What are the Top 3 things that can fail on your AC unit?

Is your HVAC System not producing cold air, did your AC Unit fail? Read more to see if it’s failing, or just needs adjustments.

Having a pleasantly cool home is a must-have luxury that our air conditioners offer, especially during the scorching days of Arizona’s hot summers. It can be quite frustrating when you realize that your AC unit is malfunctioning, especially when it’s not even that old. How could it break down so quickly?

ac unit

Is the AC Unit failing, or need adjustments?

Air conditioning manufacturers usually create sturdy, high-quality products that can last for many years. If your air conditioner stops working, start by checking the fuses or circuit breakers. Let the unit cool down for about five minutes before resetting any breakers. If the compressor of a central air conditioner stops on a hot day, the high-pressure limit switch may have tripped; you might be able to reset it by pressing the button located in the compressor’s access panel.

If your air conditioning unit’s compressor stops working, it could lead to a breakdown, requiring you to seek an emergency air conditioning service in Glendale, AZ to resolve the issue. Factors that may prevent your unit from functioning properly are:

Refrigerant Leaks

If your AC Unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it could be because it was not properly filled during installation or there is a leak. Adding more refrigerant won’t solve the problem if there is a leak. It’s important to have a skilled technician fix any leaks, test the repair, and then fill the system with the right amount of refrigerant. Remember, your air conditioner works best and is most efficient when the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specifications, neither too little nor too much. Additionally, refrigerant leaks can have negative effects on the environment.

Inadequate Maintenance on AC Unit

If you allow filters and air conditioning coils to become dirty, the air conditioner will not work properly, and the compressor or fans are likely to fail prematurely.

Electric Control Failure

The compressor and fan controls may become worn out over time, particularly if the air conditioner is frequently turning on and off, which often happens when the system is too large for the space. It’s important to note that wire and terminal corrosion is a common issue in many systems, so it’s advisable to have a professional service call to check the electrical connections and contacts.

Sensor Problems

Room air conditioners are equipped with a thermostat sensor that is positioned behind the control panel. This sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature of the air that enters the evaporative coil. If the sensor gets displaced, it can cause the air conditioner to cycle continuously or exhibit unpredictable behavior. To rectify this issue, you should ensure that the sensor is positioned close to the coil without making direct contact. You can achieve this by gently adjusting the wire that holds the sensor in place.

Drainage Problems

Don’t forget to inspect the condensate drain during humid weather to ensure it’s not blocked and is draining correctly. Improperly mounted room air conditioners may have drainage issues.

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