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Opening windows while the air conditioner is running may seem like a good idea to cool the room faster or air ventilation, may seem like a good idea until you need an HVAC Repair.

This practice can lead to inefficiency and higher energy costs. Here’s why it’s best to keep your windows closed when your AC is on:

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Having just one open window can lead to different temperature zones in your house. If the window happens to be near a thermostat, cooling that room becomes nearly impossible due to the constant influx of hot air. It’s similar to those cartoon characters desperately trying to bail water out of a sinking boat with buckets, only to have it keep flooding in. Your AC faces a similar challenge of cooling air that keeps flowing in. While it’s working hard to regulate the temperature in the hot room, it unintentionally turns the unaffected rooms into iceboxes.


Leaving your windows open can introduce dust into your home, which can pose a problem for your air conditioner. The filter in your air conditioner may not be able to capture all the particles that enter the air handler. As a result, these impurities can accumulate on the evaporator coil, fan motor, ducts, and electronic components.

If this buildup becomes significant, it can lead to breakdowns and higher electricity bills. Dust on the evaporator coil can hinder the cooling process, while dirty filters restrict airflow through the air handler. This causes the air conditioner to run for longer periods of time. Additionally, a clogged air filter combined with a dusty evaporator coil can cause the coil to freeze and potentially damage the compressor.

When you’re experiencing any of these issues, the experts at Arizona Valley Heating and Cooling can provide effective diagnosis and solutions. We can also offer valuable guidance if your in need of an HVAC Repair, or replacement.


Opening the windows in the morning for air ventilation and taking in the refreshing cool breezes is truly revitalizing. So, why keep the air conditioner running?

During the summer, the air quickly heats up, and your home becomes a hot oven. When you eventually switch on the AC, it has to work extra hard to cool down your house. This can lead to the air conditioner becoming overburdened, hvac repair, malfunctioning, wearing out, or even requiring replacement.


Leaving windows open while running the air conditioner can lead to increased humidity in your home. The longer they stay open, the more moisture can seep in. Air conditioners not only cool your house but also help control humidity levels. If you wait to close your windows, your AC will have to work harder to remove the excess humidity, resulting in a higher electricity bill, and.


Just by cracking open a window, you can disrupt the effectiveness of your air conditioner. This causes a vacuum effect that pushes the cold air out of the window and draws air from other openings in your house. You’ll notice this when your curtains are pulled towards the window and pressed flat.


Leaving windows open can desensitize the thermostat to the correct temperature, preventing the AC from shutting off when you need it to. As a result, the unit will continue running unnecessarily, leading to higher energy bills due to more frequent cycling.

How To Improve Air Ventilation Without Opening Windows?

While they won’t provide fresh air, both portable fans and ceiling fans can improve the air circulation in the room, preventing it from becoming still and stale.

When placed by a doorway, they can also encourage air to move between rooms.

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