HVAC Unit Hissing

Call Arizona Valley Heating and Cooling when you hear your HVAC Unit Making Noise. These can be anything from HVAC Unit Grinding or your HVAC Unit Hissing.

HVAC Unit Making Noise

Whenever air conditioning sounds deviate from the usual background hum, residents and business owners in the Glendale area should be alert. Uncommon noises may indicate issues with the system, reduced efficiency, and potential damage.

Various air conditioner sounds can indicate different potential issues. Although a definitive diagnosis requires a system inspection, certain noises often point to specific problems. Arizona Valley Heating & Cooling provides a detailed explanation of these sounds and their underlying causes.

How To Determine My HVAC Unit Is Making Unusual Noise?

HVAC Unit Grinding

Grinding air conditioning unit noises point to different system issues depending on where the sounds originate.

Grinding noises emanating from the outdoor unit often signal a broken or loose component within the compressor. The pistons may also begin to produce a grinding sound, indicating wear and tear on the compressor. In most cases, these issues necessitate compressor replacement. Repairing the internal components of a compressor may not always be a viable solution.

Unusual grinding sounds originating from the indoor section of the cooling system typically indicate that the blower motor’s bearings have deteriorated. This can happen when the bearings lack lubrication from regular maintenance. Lubricating the bearings may resolve the noise in some cases, while in others, replacement of the bearings is necessary.

HVAC Unit Making Hissing Noise

Your HVAC Unit Making Noise could also occur at various points along the refrigerant lines and the components within the air handler and condenser unit that are interconnected. It is imperative to promptly address a refrigerant leak, as failure to do so will result in improper functioning of your air conditioner. If you possess an older air conditioner that utilizes R-22 refrigerant (also known as Freon), it is particularly crucial to contact an HVAC contractor without delay, as this substance is detrimental to the environment. Once the source of the leak has been identified and repaired, the system is then replenished with the appropriate amount of refrigerant to ensure optimal cooling.

Occasionally, hissing may be accompanied by a loud screeching noise emanating from the external unit of the air conditioner. These noises indicate the presence of high pressure within the compressor. It is of utmost importance to immediately switch off the system and request repairs. Malfunctioning sensors within the compressor, as well as the safety control mechanism that typically shuts down air conditioners in the event of high-pressure buildup, could be the cause of this issue.

Repetitive Slapping

If a slapping sound is heard at consistent intervals, an object may be trapped between the fan blades. In the case of the noise originating from the outdoor unit, there may be an obstruction in the condenser causing the fan blades to hit it, or a bent blade hitting another component during rotation. If the air conditioning noises are coming from the air handler, something is probably lodged between the blades of the blower fan.


Should you detect a clicking noise emanating from the indoor or outdoor cooling system components, a relay or control is likely malfunctioning. The sound may also originate from a thermostat as it registers its final temperature readings. Relays, controls, and thermostats usually require replacement.

If clicking sounds occur solely during the initiation and conclusion of a cooling cycle, this is a standard noise produced by the system.

Arizona Valley Heating & Cooling Can Get Rid Of That HVAC Unit Making Noise 

Ensure that your day is not marred by your HVAC Unit Making Noise emanating from your air conditioning system. Ignoring these unusual sounds and continuing to operate the air conditioner can result in significant damage to the entire system. To prevent further complications, it is advisable to contact Sanborn’s today and arrange for professional air conditioning repair services.