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Lower Energy Bill in Arizona

lower energy bill

Are you frustrated by the high cost of your summer electricity bill? Are you seeking practical solutions to lower your expenses?

Arizonans are well aware of the fact that their electricity bills tend to soar along with the state’s temperature during the summer months. Despite the average price per kilowatt-hour in Arizona being lower than the national average, many consumers still find it challenging to manage the high energy costs during the hottest season of the year.

By following the advice provided by Arizona Valley Heating & Cooling, you may discover that reducing your summer electric bills is more achievable than you realize.

Maintaining a comfortable living environment while keeping your energy expenses in check can be a tricky task. To assist you in this endeavor, consider implementing these suggestions to stay cool without incurring exorbitant costs.

Take These Steps To Lower Energy Bill

Change your air filter

It is imperative to replace the air filter of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system regularly, just like changing the oil in your car.

Use a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats offer the advantage of helping you determine the ideal temperature for your home throughout the day and assist in creating a personalized schedule. For instance, you have the option to set a higher temperature when you’re away and a lower temperature when you’re asleep.

Moreover, with the convenience of a mobile app, you can even remotely instruct your air conditioner to start cooling before you arrive home from work, ensuring a more pleasant indoor temperature upon your arrival.

To maximize your energy bill, it is recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy to adjust your thermostat back by 7 to 10 degrees from its regular setting for eight hours a day. Maintaining indoor temperatures between 68 and 78 degrees is generally considered the most comfortable and efficient range, allowing you to save on electricity without sacrificing your comfort.

Run your air conditioner when you’re away

Despite common belief, it is not advisable to turn off your air conditioner while you are on vacation. According to Josh Laba, the owner of Arizona Valley Heating & Cooling, shutting off the air conditioner can lead to various issues within your home.

This includes potential damage to hardwood floors, paintings on the wall, and even the melting of candles. Instead, Josh suggests setting the air conditioner to a temperature no higher than 90 degrees when you are away to prevent any problems.

Leaving the air conditioner completely off can cause your refrigerator to struggle to keep your food cold, potentially causing more damage to the items inside your home.

Let The Professionals At Arizona Valley Heating & Cooling Help You Save On Your Energy Bill

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