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Your Ultimate Guide to AC Maintenance – AC Repair Glendale

While an annual AC Maintenance and AC tune-up is needed to keep your air conditioning running well, you should be doing regular checks yourself to keep it going well the rest of the year. It’s the HVAC equivalent of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

ac maintenance

Here’s a handy AC maintenance checklist from Arizona Valley Heating & Cooling. We’ve compiled to assist you throughout the months when you’re not having regular AC maintenance services.

Why Do I Need An AC Maintenance Checklist?

Going through these steps every month, regardless of the season, can help you stay cool and conquer the scorching Phoenix heat.

1. Air Filter

Make sure to prioritize checking, cleaning, or replacing your filter monthly – it’s crucial for AC maintenance. It’s a key step in keeping your blower motor and evaporator coil free from dust, which helps your system run smoothly and last longer.

Always have the correct filter size for your unit and remember to inspect or swap it out every 30 to 90 days. The arrows on the filter should point toward the airflow, typically towards the fan.

2. Condenser

The outdoor condenser is an essential part of your system, and it’s important to keep it clean for proper maintenance. Over time, dirt, grass clippings, and debris can build up and cause the unit to work harder than it should. You don’t need a sandstorm to get too much dust in there!

To keep the condenser in good shape, spray it with a garden hose. Look at the fins on the cover to see if any are bent from flying rocks, and ensure there are no obstructions blocking airflow. When it comes to AC maintenance in Phoenix, this is a simple yet crucial task to tackle.

3. Ductwork and Vents

Inspect vents and ductwork for any excessive dust buildup or mold and clean them up as needed. While you’re wiping things down, keep an eye out for holes or other damage in the ducts that can cause air leaks.

4. Condensate Line and Drain Pan

The condensate line removes moisture from the evaporator coils and directs it down the drain. The line outside your home serves as a backup to prevent overflow caused by clogs.

Make sure to check for any leaks outside your house and clear any blockages in the line or drain pan. A solution of equal parts bleach and water can help eliminate any growth or obstructions in the line.

Still Not Satisfied With Your Unit After Your AC Maintenance Checklist?

Arizona Valley Heating & Cooling, Your Local Same Day AC Repair Can Help! 

Arizona Valley Heating & Cooling LLC offers a low cost for AC Tune-up. Feel free to contact us at 602-832-5786.

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